“Mr. Robert and Mrs. Nicole Wheatly, a devoted couple of 11 years, not only share a strong marital bond but also serve as exemplary leaders within their respective families, emphasizing the paramount importance of love in all aspects of life. Their journey includes the joy of parenthood, as they take pride in their two children, Aubrielle and Ezra, as well as their two cherished grandchildren, London and Ki’Lynn.

Robert and Nicole Wheatly are both esteemed entrepreneurs. Robert E. Wheatly stands as a visionary in the entrepreneurial realm, spearheading BriEz Transportation, Nicole, on the other hand, leverages her expertise as a Community Development Planner with a distinct focus on Business and Real Estate Development. She is the esteemed owner of Steps Inc. Consulting. Robert and Nicole are committed champions of community engagement. They actively participate in a myriad of charitable and community initiatives, making a positive impact throughout the state of Illinois.”

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